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“Inspire and educate the next generation to travel beyond our solar system and support research and development of enabling technologies.”

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We are just a small part of a bigger Universe, but You Are Here and we are all one and that’s what matters the most.

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Scholarships             Fellowships             Post Doctoral Awards             K-12 Lab Booster             I² Grants             Special Matching Gift Challenge

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LSI also has opportunities to fund several educators at once. Sponsor a group of domestic educators through our Limitless Educator Program or sponsor an international group of educators through our Global Limitless Educator Program.

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LSI Sponsorship Opportunity

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Life Imitates Art

The IXS Enterprise is an artist’s impression and adaptation of the Matthew Jefferies’ XCV-330 Enterprise concept for the Star Trek television show that conforms to Dr. White’s theoretical findings and is envisioned as an international effort at an interstellar mission late in the 21st century. Space exploration beyond Low Earth Orbit is a multi-disciplinary affair and requires trained personnel in the areas of science, engineering, and math. If you want to help move humanity beyond LEO, out to the Moon, Mars, and beyond, pursue a career in science, engineering, or math. There are no short cuts – all hands on deck!

Persistence is not futile.


Infinite possibilities come to those who believe.

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